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Neyat Yohannes

I'm a writer.

I write personal essays, reviews, news stories, grocery lists missing items that I really needed, subpar raps that I secretly think are at least mediocre, and tardy slips for late students.

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'Master of None' perfectly described being a first generation kid

I went into the experience expecting a comedy that would possibly stir up some millennial-sized existential crises in its viewers—and it did—but I never thought I’d get the immigrant kid feels.

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I'm making 23 my Michael Jordan year

They say your 23rd year is supposed to be magical because it is your Michael Jordan year. For those that don’t subscribe to sports, Michael Jordan is that main bald guy in Space Jam and 23 just so happens to be the number that appeared on his real-life basketball jersey when he served as what the NBA site calls “…the greatest basketball player of all time.” Magical man, magical number, magical year.

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Just some of the best Thanksgiving television specials

What better way to give thanks than to watch fictional characters do it?

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How to get over the dreaded mid-week burnout

My default look has officially changed to hideous mid-yawn face.

Ashley 700x525c article

The badass 20-something lady writers who are getting me through my 20s

Your twenties is the decade that comes with a promise: that by the end, you’ll have some idea of who you are as a person and how you want the world to see you. Or, at the very least, you’ll have your Friday night take-out order perfected and know how to...

Amelie 700x525c article

What I’ve learned from dating someone who also has anxiety

I’m new to dating. I’m also new to discussing my anxiety, or at least to actually using the word "anxiety." I mean, I’ve always known about it in the back of my mind, but I used to write myself off as a worrywart or flustered soul. I’ve only now begun...

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All the reasons why ‘Jane the Virgin’ is essential viewing

As many of you have probably already noticed, the first season of Jane The Virgin has landed on Netflix and the second season is officially underway. In fact, there's a new episode tonight. So to ring in its return, I thought I’d talk about why it’s so refreshing to see...

Screen shot 2015 11 05 at 3.36.48 pm 500x375c article

What nobody tells you about working at an elementary school

Never did I imagine that I’d one day assume the position of Office Lady. Or School Secretary, if you want to get technical. I recently fell into the job after many a Craigslist deep dive. And boy, am I learning new things.

Screen shot 2015 10 30 at 12.48.55 pm 700x525c article

How to keep up friendships when you’re going through big life changes

Friends in faraway places are still friends. That's what I tell myself whenever I'm feeling especially lonely in my new city. Sure, I have made a few new pals post-grad, but they're mostly acquaintances. And while acquaintances do have the ability to grow into well, more-than-acquaintances, that doesn't mean you...

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How to make moving to a new place less scary

How to make moving to a new place less scary

Screen shot 2015 09 30 at 4.20.51 pm 700x525c article

I’m a 20-something addicted to teen shows, and I’m not ashamed to admit it

As a teenager, I couldn't wait to be in my twenties. I'd soak up television shows about college life and adulthood because I wanted nothing more than to be that girl who was cool, calm, and collected with a wardrobe that would make even Clueless' Cher and Dionne jealous. However, now, I've...

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How to survive unemployment in style

Whether you’re a recent grad or in-between jobs, when you lose your job security, it’s easy to lose sight of your goals and interests too. It's understandable that you have anxiety and feelings about being unemployed. Feel those feelings! But instead of letting the funk of unemployment soak into you...

Ginger and rosa beach 700x525c article

Movies to get you psyched for fall

Swimsuits have been marked half-off, school supplies are stocked in abundance, and pumpkin spice latte lovers are rejoicing because autumn will soon be upon us. So as we say so long to summer, here are some of my favorite fall-themed films to usher in the leafy season. Ginger & Rosa...