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I'm a writer.

I write personal essays, reviews, news stories, grocery lists missing items that I really needed, subpar raps that I secretly think are at least mediocre, and tardy slips for late students.

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Echo park film copy 715x402 article

Cinema Africa: Tony Okungbowa On His Los Angeles Indie Romance, ‘Echo Park’

Charismatic multi-hyphenate Tony Okungbowa stars as Alex alongside Mamie Gummer’s Sophie. He also served as the film’s music supervisor, a producer, and was the catalyst behind the film’s story, which was formed around real events from his life in Echo Park. We caught up with Okungbowa over Skype to discuss the film, his ever-growing list of job titles, and what African visibility on screen means to him.

Crumbs ethiopian post apocalyptic scifi film miguel llanso1 715x4771 715x477 article

Cinema Africa: Miguel Llansó On Directing Ethiopia’s Post-Apocalyptic Sci-fi Film, ‘Crumbs’

In the third installment of Okayafrica’s new Cinema Africa series, Neyat Yohannes sits down with Miguel Llansó, the director of the Ethiopian post-apocalyptic sci-fi feature, ‘Crumbs.’ Be sure to also check out our premiere of an exclusive clip from the film.

Web series africa diaspora an african city polyglot ackee and saltfish woman undressed 715x408 article

6 Amazing Web Series By Women From The African Diaspora

The following is a list of some of the most thought-­provoking, hilarious and genuinely entertaining web series developed by multi­hyphenate African artists.

Lamb yared zeleke adrian o smith 715x476 article

Cinema Africa: Yared Zeleke On Making ‘Lamb’, The First Ethiopian Official Selection At Cannes

In the first installment of Okayafrica’s new Cinema Africa series, Neyat Yohannes sits down with ‘Lamb’ director Yared Zeleke, whose debut feature became Ethiopia’s first-ever Official Selection at Cannes.

Maya the poet sometimes it pours 715x360 article

Maya The Poet Speaks On Microaggressions As Light As The Rain

Maya Wegerif is a South African poet who lives in Dakar.

Okayafrica best africa diaspora films 2015 715x716 article

Okayafrica’s Top 15 Films Of 2015

In the following pages, Okayafrica staff and contributors weigh in on the 15 feature-length films and documentaries that stood out most this year.

Guess whos coming to dinner naija edition poster 715x894 article

'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Naija Edition'

'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Naija Edition' is Nigerian-American independent filmmaker Fum Fum Ko’s diaspora-spun take on the classic film starring Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, and Sidney Poitier.