Neyat Yohannes

Neyat Yohannes

I'm a writer.

I write personal essays, reviews, news stories, grocery lists missing items that I really needed, subpar raps that I secretly think are at least mediocre, and tardy slips for late students.

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June | 2013 |

Jun 30, 2013 ... “A Young Witch Takes Flight” by Neyat Yohannes. La Mirada is suburbia at its finest. Each home is modest in size but lined with perfectly ......

March | 2014 |

“Tales from Terminal C” by Neyat Yohannes. I drifted through the empty, unwelcoming halls of the General Mitchell International Airport. A muffled version of ......

February | 2014 |

Feb 2, 2014 ... “Bridge To Bonanza” By Neyat Yohannes. The Ponderosa Ranch is my favorite place to go with my stroke-ridden East African grandmother....

January | 2013 |

Jan 31, 2013 ... “In The Huxtables We Trust” by Neyat Yohannes. Denise was hogging the bathroom again as usual—trying to get her hair like David Bowie's or ......

September | 2013 |

“Potato Suit Man” by Neyat Yohannes. His suit is a shade of oatmeal, I think. Or maybe potato-colored, who's to say? And on his feet, there are what can only be  ......

April | 2013 |

Apr 30, 2013 ... “Fluorescent Adolescent” by Neyat Yohannes. We'd arrived over two hours early but the line already snaked around at least four blocks....

November | 2012 |

“I Talked About the Weather With a Pimp” by Neyat Yohannes. My freshman year of high school, I had a daily routine. As soon as the final bell rang, I'd take a ......

December | 2013 |

Dec 3, 2013 ... “Poolside” By Neyat Yohannes. My sister Lulu was outlining the edge of her sign with a blue metallic marker. Take Me To The Pool Or I'll Quit ......

April | 2012 |

Apr 1, 2012 ... “The Fisherman and the Floppy Fish” by Neyat Yohannes. As a Respiratory Care Practitioner, my dad spends most of his nights in the ER, the ......